Summerside police are aiming at putting a stop to local teenagers illegally riding their ATVs across a private property in Summerside.

Landowners at the end of Maple Grove Road recently had a meeting with the city. They told councillors the problem has been going on for years.


The neighbourhood has had trouble with ATVs for years, says Coun. Tina Mundy. (Tina Mundy)

"From what the residents tell us, it's mostly teenagers," said Coun. Tina Mundy, head of the Summerside police committee.

"There's a tremendous amount of noise, ruining of the crops, damage to property as well, their lawn furniture has been trashed, and we do have pictures of some of the offenders so we will be trying to track them down and hoping they comply, and if not they'll be issued fines, and if necessary, confiscation of their bikes."

Mundy said city police have started extra patrols in the area. It has suggested the property owners should also put up no trespassing signs.