P.E.I. church hosts emergency preparedness workshop

A P.E.I. church is hosting a workshop Sunday to help people be better prepared for potential emergencies.

Another workshop will help people assemble the 72-hour emergency kits

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint is holding a workshop to teach Families how to prepare a 72-hour emergency kit. (iStock)

A P.E.I. church is hosting a workshop Sunday to help people be better prepared for potential emergencies.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Summerside will teach people how to make a 72-hour emergency kit.

Ken Meister, the church's branch president said after the harsh winter of 2015, it was important for people to be prepared for any situation.

"Up west, I think last December, with the rainstorm we had a number of communities and homes were isolated for some time and without power," he said. "Part of the 72-hour kit is to have fresh water, food, resources that you need for 72 hours." 

Event organizer Belinda Woods says organizers hope the kits will never need to be used.

"But it's just a piece of mind to be able to have it and to know that if there was an emergency, they're prepared. And it's not just for a home, because you could be away from home, so there's also kits to have for your car," said Woods.

The workshop takes place at the church Sunday at 6p.m.

There will be a follow up workshop in March for people to assemble the kits.


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