The P.E.I. Literacy Alliance's summer tutoring program will likely be reinstated for 2014 after receiving a funding commitment from the province and the school boards this week.

Last year, the funding commitment wasn't made in time for the alliance to apply for federal money. The federal funding hinges on other contributions.

The program offers free, one-on-one summer tutoring to elementary-age students on a priority basis.

"Oh it is excellent. I mean we are just about finished writing the federal application and we'll be putting it in next week. So we'll just have to wait and see, but it looks good for this year," said Catherine O'Bryan, executive director.

"It is a very positive program. Makes them feel smart and they actually are able to maintain and improve their skills over the summer."

O'Bryan is optimistic the federal money will come through, now that the other funding partners are in place.

The program, which was introduced in 2001, provides instruction to about 700 students who need extra help.

It also offers approximately 25 university students with summer employment as tutors.