Students hope accidental business stays golden

Three high school students in Charlottetown have become accidental entrepreneurs.

After school project has turned into successful business for three Charlottetown high school students

The three young entrepreneurs hope to expand their offerings this summer. (CBC)

Three high school students in Charlottetown have become accidental entrepreneurs.

Business is booming, says Coltin Handrahan. (CBC)

A few months ago, the student council at Colonel Gray High School was supposed to hand out T-shirts for a prize in a dodgeball tournament. However, the shirts never arrived.

As a lark, three students – Devin MacGregor, Coltin Handrahan and Alex Khan – decided to create their own shirts to hand out. They called themselves the Stay Golden T-Shirt company.

"We just started this just kind of for fun, not expecting to be as big as we are now," said MacGregor, a grade 10 student.

But the T-shirts proved to be popular, and before they knew it, the teens had requests to make more.

Now, their bit of fun has spiralled into a successful business. The three students take orders over Facebook through their group – Stay Golden Apparel. They then deliver the shirts in person.

So far, their little business has sold more than 500 T-shirts and sweatshirts.

"It caught on like wildfire, and business is really booming," said Handrahan, a grade 12 student and company president.

Their customers are mostly students but the teens are looking at expanding the business. They're hoping to add hats, tank tops and swim suits to their inventory this summer.

They also want to keep the business local. The T-shirts are printed on the island.

As for the profits, the teens are supporting their school ball-hockey team by paying for half of the price of their jerseys. The rest of the money is going back into the business.