Students heading home as St. FX strike continues

P.E.I. students are returning to the Island as a strike at St. FX University starts its third week and negotiations going nowhere.
The strike at St Francis Xavier University is in its third week. (CBC)

Some P.E.I. students are returning to the Island as a strike at St. FX University enters its third week.

There are 140 full-time and 16 part-time P.E.I. students enrolled at St. FX. Alicia Silliker thought she'd be spending the winter finishing up her second year. Instead she's heading home to Kensington.

"Everyone is just really annoyed, because they don't know what they should do, if they should go or if they should stay, and it's just really crazy here," says Silliker.

She is concerned the school might have to cancel the semester.

"We're all really worried that something's going to happen, or nothing's going to happen," she said.

"It's already been a full two weeks and it's not really looking like this week is going to get any better."

Negotiations appear to have stalled. St. FX Association of University Teachers president Peter McInnis said professors are staying in touch with students throughout the strike.

"I've sent emails to all my students that I have this term and I know a number of other colleagues and faculty and teaching staff did the same," said McInnis.

McInnis said he knows students are worried, and he's doing his best to keep them informed.

For Silliker, that's not good enough. She believes both sides are losing sight of what's important, which is getting back to class.