Students for Life used chalk to spread their message on campus. (CBC)

Some students at UPEI are upset after an event held by Students for Life brought the abortion issue to the surface on campus.

Students for Life held an event on Monday night, covering walkways and walls with chalk writings to promote their cause.

"People have labelled it as the chalk campaign," said Shannon Moore, President of UPEI Students for Life.

"It was decided by our group that we wanted a way to kind of welcome the students into our group and let them aware of our group on campus."

Some messages were controversial in their meaning while others were more descriptive, describing various stages of pre-natal development.

The school pressure-washed the messages away the next morning, but some students took to social media to voice their displeasure.

University administration says regardless of the content, the group was defacing school property.

"The policies are that we have specific areas to display material and these areas are monitored," said Christian Lacroix, UPEI's Interim VP Academic.

Lacroix said the university won't take further action against the group.

"My office is planning to meet with the students and it's not a disciplinary thing. It's just to talk about what their intent was," said Lacroix.

One group did take issue with the scale of the event but say they aren't opposed to respectful debate on the issue.

Students for Life say they won't be doing any more chalk drawing in the future but they say this won't stop them from spreading their message in other ways across the campus.