The student union at the University of Prince Edward Island wants to know how much debt Island students are carrying.

Travis Gordon - custom

There is not much data on student debt on P.E.I. available, says UPEI Student Union vice president Travis Gordon. (CBC)

The union is surveying on campus and online this week to gauge debt loads. The survey also asks students if they buy their required textbooks and if so how much they spend.

The survey data will be used to advocate for measures to lower the burden of student debt.

"We really need to be looking at solutions to the issue of student debt, not only on P.E.I. but across Canada," said UPEISU vice president Travis Gordon.

"[We want] to make sure that our students, when they graduate, can be productive as possible and can jump right into the rest of their life."

Gordon said there is not a lot of specific information on student debt on P.E.I. The union hopes to do the survey annually.