The new Charlottetown Event grounds, at the foot of the Hillsborough Bridge, are set to open next week, but there are concerns being raised about how people will get between the site and nearby parking.

The site itself has limited parking, but a new lot is being built across Grafton St. That intersection at Hillsborough Bridge is one of the busiest in the city, but it is not one that has seen many pedestrians in the past. There have never been crosswalks or walk lights.

'Some level of government has to do something' — John MacInnis, Charlottetown resident

The province is responsible for the intersection, but says it won't put in crosswalks or lights until the city installs sidewalks leading up to it.

Charlottetown resident John MacInnis uses the intersection as a pedestrian, and often finds himself sprinting across as many as five lanes of traffic.

"That's completely irresponsible. I mean some level of government has to do something, because it's not safe," said MacInnis.

"I'll tell you right now although I get across there OK, including this morning, it's not a safe crossing."

Paul Johnston, manager of public works for Charlottetown, said the city has decided to put in sidewalks on one leg of the intersection.

"We can look at bringing our pathway from behind the Charlottetown sign to the intersection, and from the intersection into the Tim Horton's here," said Johnston.

"It's another little bit. Great, it gets people from the events venue, let's say, to Tim Horton's."

A spokesperson for the province said as soon as the city installs sidewalks, it will put in a crosswalk and light. Pedestrians using the other legs of the intersection, however, will still have to cross unaided.

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