A stray dog being nursed to health by a Good Samaritan died in a Maximeville fire.

A stray dog that was being nursed back to health in a heated outbuilding in Maximeville, P.E.I. died in a fire Wednesday afternoon.

Robert Arsenault said he was keeping the German Shepherd in the building because he wasn't sure what kind of temperament it had.

"I shut the doors of the building when I left. I left him in the building because I didn't want him roaming around," Arsenault said Thursday.

His workers discovered the fire and the body of the dog.

"They went to open the door, and the barn was completely full of smoke. And then, apparently, they got the big door open and that's where the flame [shot] out. They found the dog. Well, the dog had passed away," Arsenault said.

"It was just a stray dog, but we found him around a week ago.…He was awfully hungry, he was starved, he was almost dead."

Arsenault said the dog’s health had been starting to improve

Fire officials believe a power surge caused the wood furnace in the outbuilding to malfunction, he said. The building is still standing, but there is a fair bit of damage.

Meanwhile there were two other fires on the Island Wednesday. A three-car garage in Murray Harbour was damaged, and a barn was destroyed in Ebbsfleet near Miminegash.