The Town of Stratford, P.E.I.  is considering building a skate park.

The recreation committee is meeting with teens and community members who are proposing the new park. Diane Griffin, vice chair of the recreation committee, said there's money in the budget for the project.

"Fifty thousand dollars has been earmarked. It's only a start. Certainly no one entity, including the town, would be doing it on their own," said Griffin.

"We're waiting to hear from the group as to what their vision is. It is exciting. I've looked at skateboard parks in Nova Scotia and I've looked at certain other cities, taken photos, looked them over carefully.  I would say it could be a very exciting project."

The meeting with the skate park group will take place June 26. Griffin said the recreation committee will make a recommendation to council, and public consultation will happen before anything is decided.