David Dunphy

Stratford Mayor David Dunphy says having a standardized speed limit on the town's side roads will help remove confusion about the differing speed limits. (Brendan Elliott/CBC)

The Town of Stratford is making some changes to its roads, including a new standardized speed limit of 40 kilometres per hour on residential roads.

The change should help clear up the confusion which sometimes accompanies driving on side roads, says Mayor David Dunphy.

"We had some [which] were 50 and some were 30," he said. "We wanted to standardize that at a level that is reasonable and enforceable."

The town says the move brings it in line with other island communities, including Cornwall and Charlottetown.

Speed limits on the main roads will remain as posted, and the RCMP says it is going to step up enforcement across the board.

Stratford also has plans to upgrade all major collector roads to include sidewalks and bike lanes, which will take time to complete fully given the hefty price tag — $900,000 per kilometre.

Down the road, the town may also look at installing traffic-calming devices, such as speed bumps or rumble strips. The mayor says the 40 kilometre per hour speed limit will be posted on all residential roads in the coming weeks.