Governors Lane in Stratford is one of two streets where the town would like to see traffic-calming measures in place. (Google Street View)

The town of Stratford is trying to tackle two traffic trouble spots where speeding is a problem.

Governors Lane in the Beacon Hill subdivision is one residential street prone to heavy-footed drivers. The other is Rosebank Road.

Councillor Emile Gallant, chair of the town's safety services committee, says traffic-calming measures are needed.

"Probably as a pilot project I can call it, to see if we could put in two traffic circles. We're not talking roundabouts here," said Gallant.

"We're talking ways where people will have to slow down and go around, maybe it could be a little island in the middle of the road or something like that to get to get the traffic in the middle of these roads to go slower down."

Council passed a resolution last night at its monthly public meeting asking the province, which oversees maintenance of the town's streets, for help.

Gallant said he's hopeful new traffic circles will be in place by the spring.