A Prince Edward Island man who used a photocopier to create counterfeit $100 bills was sentenced Friday in Supreme Court.

Matthew James Daley, 26, of Stratford was handed a 90 day jail sentence to be served on weekends, after pleading guilty to counterfeiting and one count of fraud.

The court heard that Daley was at the height of a severe opiate addiction in Oct. 2012, when he committed his crimes. 

Daley made four phony $100 bills using scissors, paste and a colour photocopier, and used them at Sobeys in Stratford and Needs Convenience.

Counterfeit bills - Daley 2014

Daley, 26, used a photocopier to create fake $100 bills, but failed to photocopy the reverse side of the bill. (CBC)

He also passed a stolen cheque for nearly $900 at Cash Converters in Charlottetown.

Police arrested Daley after he was identified on surveillance video. 

Even Daley's defence lawyer said his client's counterfeiting efforts were the work of an amateur. Daley neglected to photocopy the reverse side of his $100 bill. 

Crown prosecutor Lisa Goulden said despite the amateurish nature of Daley's counterfeiting, it was still a serious crime.

Justice Wayne Cheverie's sentence allowed Daley to hold onto his job. He also ordered Daley to pay restitution to the businesses he defrauded.