Battling the spread of invasive aquatic species that attack lucrative shellfish stocks is on the top of the agenda in Prince Edward Island this summer.

The P.E.I. Aquaculture Alliance and the provincial government have launched a public awareness campaign to prevent the spread of destructive species such as oyster thief and green crab.

The campaign will include radio advertisements, workshops and 7,000 booklets to be distributed around the province.

Peter Warris, research and development co-ordinator with the Aquaculture Alliance, said the booklets tell people what to look for, and how to properly clean their vessels to stop their spread.

"I think the more awareness we can get out there, then it can only help," Warris said.

"If they're moving from one area to another, they don't take anything with them, they clean their boats, empty the water out, and try to make sure that they're not taking any unwanted hitchhikers with them."

Signs will be placed at wharves and boat launches around the Island, reminding boat owners to keep their boats shipshape and to report any suspicious findings.

Six new aquatic invaders have been identified on the Island in the past 10 years.