Tourism PEI

Summer rental properties on P.E.I. must be inspected, even if the rental is only for a day or two. (Tourism PEI)

Islanders who rent out homes or cottages without the proper licensing are being reminded they could face stiff fines.

Officials with Quality Tourism Services on P.E.I. recently placed newspaper ads notifying people that accommodations being rented out for less than a month, still must be inspected and a water sample provided. 

They acknowledged that with 2014 celebrations this summer, it's possible more people could be tempted to rent out properties without the proper inspection.

The executive director of Quality Tourism Services Inc., Heath MacDonald, said an inspection is required regardless of how long someone plans to rent out a property.  

"We have a lot of people that come in and you know they'll explain to us oh I'm only renting it out for a couple of weeks," said MacDonald. "Well that's no different than me going out at sea and pulling a couple of lobster traps. It is not allowed. There are regulations surrounding it," said MacDonald.

"Our industry at the present time is comparable to any in Canada and it's very important to maintain those standards in our province for the tourism sector. The nuts and bolts of it are safety and state of repair and cleanliness."  

MacDonald noted the cost of inspection is 175 dollars.

Tourism P.E,I. officials say the fines for not having a rental property inspected are not less than one thousand dollars for a first offence, and not less than two thousand for a second.