Firefighters remain at the scene of a fire at the Stanhope Beach Resort and Conference Centre on Prince Edward Island's north shore.

Four buildings were destroyed including the main building and conference centre. The main building included the kitchen, dining room and guest rooms. Some smaller buildings are still standing.

Fire Marshal Dave Rossiter said the resort doesn't have sprinkler system.

Owner Danny Murphy and his brother Kevin Murphy were on the scene.

People were working inside the lodge when the fire broke out, but everyone got out safely. Many staff remained on site, milling around in disbelief as the fire consumed one of the oldest resorts on P.E.I.

Five fire departments were called to the blaze.

There is no word on the cause and crews said they expect to be dousing the flames overnight.

The resort was supposed to open May 3 for the season.

Police are asking any non-essential traffic to stay away from the area.

The property was first settled in 1789.