Lobster catches on P.E.I. have increased during the spring fishery season, but prices are still low, according to the Prince Edward Island Fishermen's Association.

Catches in some ports along the North Shore have increased by 30 per cent.

A pound of lobster is around $4.75 to $5, according to the association. They said that's up 20 per cent since the season started May 1. The season ends on the North Shore this weekend.

However Mike McGeoghegan, president of the association, said Island prices lag behind other countries.

In Ireland, the price is $9 a pound and in New Zealand, lobster sells for about $28 a pound.

"It's a global market now. We never entered that before. Before we sold all of our fish to the Boston states, the Eastern seaboard. It's not like that anymore," he said.

"There are six plane loads leaving Halifax every week going to Brussels to be auctioned off, competing against the Europeans, so you can imagine the numbers are high when our fish get there."

McGeoghegan said exporters should pay Island fishermen more for their lobster.

A portion of the Northumberland Strait will remain open for fishing for another week.