A particularly wet spring has left at least one restoration company in P.E.I. flooded with repair calls for damaged basements.

FirstOnSite Restoration usually deals with about 80 claims in April —this year they’ve had four times that. 

Since the rebuilding work is time consuming and requires lots of staff, they’ve had to call in workers from their other Canadian office locations to help.

“We've got four crews full on restoring and rebuilding the basements and the areas that have been damaged,” said Quintin Etchell of FirstOnSite Restoration.

Etchell was hired to help deal with the claims for the company. He said the work has been non-stop as they try to get hundreds of basements back together.

“This has been an eye opener, it's absolutely insane on how much time we need to put in to restore people's homes,” he said.

The P.E.I. manager of the company said his desk is piled with claims. 

“The scope of it is extremely high compared to other years,” said Montague branch manager Don Cameron. “I've been around it a long time and it's the busiest I've ever seen it.”

The company has even had to turn away any other requests for cleanups as they deal with the influx of insurance claim work.

They hope to have the bulk of the flooding repairs done by early next month.