The P.E.I. government has got its priorities wrong in the capital budget revealed in the legislature Wednesday, says Opposition leader Steven Myers.

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Opposition leader is concerned cuts to the government's capital budget will mean job losses in the economy. (CBC)

Government is planning to spend less on roads and bridges and more on technology. That will include $2 million for a web site offering more responsive, complete services for businesses and taxpayers.

"So if you want to go on and pay property tax, then you're in and you're out inside of a time period that would be acceptable anywhere else," said Finance Minister Wes Sheridan.

Myers said Islanders don't want to see $2 million cut from bridge repair so they can pay their property taxes faster.

"It's about misplaced priorities and how this government spends money," he said.

"They have to be begged to implement things like insulin pumps."

The capital budget is significantly smaller than it was during the worldwide recession in 2008, when governments across Canada were spending to keep the economy moving. P.E.I.'s capital budget peaked at $133 million in 2010 and is down to $73 million this year. Sheridan said it coming years it will fall to $55 million.

Myers has often criticized the finance minister as a free spender, but now says he's worried about job losses as a result of reduced capital spending.

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