The liberal-appointed Speaker of the House has been asked to wade into the Progressive-Conservative leadership saga and decide who is the rightful leader of the party.

Carolyn Bertram wouldn't do an interview with CBC News but she issued a statement on Friday saying she would not become involved in the internal relationship between the Conservative caucus and the party office.

Last Wednesday the Progressive Conservative caucus voted Hal Perry Opposition leader.

On Thursday Steven Myers was chosen interim leader of the party by a vote of the caucus and the party executive. This led to the unusual, if not unique, situation of having two different MLAs holding the party leader and Opposition leader roles.

But the rule book, which is based on the House of Commons rules, suggests this may not be possible. The book says the leader of the party holding the second largest number of seats is also the Opposition leader, and that's Myers, not Perry.

Progressive-Conservative President Blake Doyle said his legal counsel disputes Perry's role.

'We've consulted our constitution; we’ve consulted conventional law; we've looked at our process and precedent and the next step for us was to request the Speaker help adjudicate on this issue," said Doyle.

Bertman has already written to Perry acknowledging him as Opposition leader.

"I sent a letter with respect to the leader and for acknowledgment that I am that leader of the Opposition and she sent a response back acknowledging that letter and acknowledging me as the official leader of the Opposition," said Perry