P.E.I's iconic Confederation Bridge will be the focus of a unique exercise for students in B.C. on Friday — and it's all about team effort, glue guns and pasta.

Students attending the one-day 33rd Annual Spaghetti Bridge Building Contest at Okanagan College in Kelowna, B.C. with a mission to build a replica of the bridge.

I'm sure many parents will be encouraged by their young children to take a trip east - Alan Coyle, Okanagan College

Friday morning features bridge building by elementary students, with competition events for secondary and post-secondary students later in the day.

"Every year we pick different bridges. This year we looked at one of Canada's most iconic bridges," said Alan Coyle, Director of Public Affairs for Okanagan College.  

"We've got 60 elementary students enrolled in this from six different schools, so we'll probably see close to 60 versions of the Confederation Bridge!" Coyle said.

Confederation Bridge

This year's bridge building contest will feature one of Canada's most iconic bridges — Confederation Bridge. (CBC)

The construction is primarily done with long noodles, but the choice is up to the students.

"You'll see everything from lasagna to spaghetti to fettuccine — it runs the gamut," he said.

Focus on learning 

In the more intensive categories of the event, the bridges the students build must be able to withstand heavy loads.

Coyle said the competition aims to get students interested in science, tech, engineering and math with an ultimate goal of getting themhinking about those fields for their futures.

But another benefit of the event this year may be to encourage tourism to the Island.

"I'm sure many parents will be encouraged by their young children to take a trip east," Coyle said.