About 200 peole attended the rally for an entirely new school in Souris. (CBC)

About 200 Souris residents were in Charlottetown outside province house for the third consecutive Tuesday evening protest about government school decisions in eastern P.E.I.

The provincial government has committed to a $20 million plan that would build a new kindergarten-to-grade six school and attach it to a renovated high school. The residents want an entirely new K-to-12 school that would cost just over $24 million, which was originally promised to them.

Education Minister Alan McIsaac addressed the crowd, and received an angry response.

"What we hear from the engineers is that we can do it for the 20 million. We can have a 21st century learning facility," said McIsaac.


Alan McIsaac told the crowd people need to start thinking beyond bricks and mortar when it comes to quality education. (CBC)

Progressive Conservative MLA Colin LaVie also spoke to the residents, most of whom live in his district. He encouraged them to continue fighting for a new school.

"Let's not take the renovation. Make it clear. Stand your ground. Bigger crowds. Whatever it takes. Stand in front of a bulldozer. We can't let the renovation happen," said LaVie.

McIsaac said people have to stop thinking about quality education in terms of the bricks and mortar used to build schools.