The P.E.I. government says construction of the new $20 million school in Souris will come in under budget.

Alan McIsaac - Custom

Education Minister Alan McIsaac says the surplus budget for the school will be spent in Souris. (CBC)

No one in government will say how much the project is under budget, but documents suggest it could be in the millions of dollars.

Education Minister Alan McIsaac has pledged the entire $20 million set aside for the school will be spent on the school. He said the province will pay for a playground, something parents usually have to fundraise for. The playground would be accessible for a local student with a disability.

Souris MLA Colin Lavie has come up with a list of community projects the money could be used for.

"There's playgrounds, there's bridges, there's skateboard parks. There's lots of places for it," said Lavie.

"If he's under his budget, I want it in writing where he'll give us that $20 million. Make sure it comes to the community."

Government had originally promised a brand-new K-12 school for Souris, but scaled those plans back saying they were too expensive. A new elementary school and a renovated Souris High are supposed to be ready for September 2014.

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