Souris rink to offer trial curling

A hockey rink in eastern P.E.I. will be offering curling on a trial basis starting at the end of March.

 A hockey rink in eastern P.E.I. will offer curling on a trial basis starting the end of March.

Rink manager Colin LaVie of the Eastern Kings Sportsplex in Souris discovered curling stones from the old local curling club stored under the stands at the sportsplex.

After doing some research, he noted a rink in Nova Scotia offering both curling and hockey on the same ice surface.

LaVie plans to have four sheets of curling ice set up by the end of the month.

Although he said it could be confusing having curling rings, faceoff circles and blue lines on the same ice surface, he added, "When you paint any logos and stuff on the ice, you don't take any pass at that. And we're a rural rink. It's not like it's professional hockey or anything like that. You know, you make due with what you have to."

The same machine that floods the hockey ice will be able to scrape away any bumps left behind by curlers, said LaVie

The curling and hockey seasons will begin at the same time this fall.

LaVie hopes one or two nights a week will be dedicated to curling, which will draw users to the facility and increase revenue.