Some parents of students at Souris Consolidated and Souris Regional High are concerned that school is wrapping up three weeks early. 

The two schools are merging into one. For more than a year, crews have been expanding the town's high school to more than double the size.

To keep construction on track, students from both schools are wrapping up their school year early. 

Patrick Power of the Souris Consolidated Home and School Board said some parents are concerned.

“Obviously number one because of the loss of instructional time. But also it’s quite an inconvenience to try to round up a daycare situation, a child care situation as well as incur the extra costs involved, which are very significant,” he said.

Power also has two daughters at Souris Consolidated.

Principal Sharon McIntosh

Sharon McIntosh, principal of Souris Consolidated School, said teachers have been doing everything they can to deal with the changes. (CBC)

He said more days off school is a big challenge for working parents who may have to work split-shifts or find other solutions to accommodate the early summer vacation.

Parents were told about a year ago that school would wrap up early so they could prepare. 

Staff say teachers have been doing everything they can to deal with the changes, which included adding seven minutes every day to make up for lost time and minimizing disruptions.

The school will re-open in early September, but construction will continue on the art room, trades area and gym.

The building is scheduled to be completed by next March.