The Souris Legion has taken on an ambitious project to help pay for its portion of a new war memorial.

The granite memorial will display the names of 1,500 people from eastern P.E.I. who have served in every war from the Boer War to Afghanistan.

The Legion is responsible for paying for half of the $80,000 monument and it's hoping a chunk of that will come from an internet fundraiser.


Souris Legion President David Perry is leading a project to raise money for a new war memorial. (Brian Higgins/CBC)

People in the community are donating everything from antiques to pictures and the Legion is selling them in an online yard sale.

Melvin Ford is co-ordinating the sale.

"They take items into me at my office. I take pictures of them, I price them, I pop onto a couple of facebook groups that I have and the P.E.I. swap site, and I post them and I sell them as fast as I put them up online," he said.

Ford said it's working out better than conventional yard sales.

"It doesn't make any difference what the weather is like outside. It doesn't make any difference whether I have the item in my possession right now. I'm the middle man."

In seven weeks the legion has raised about $1,000 online, he said. The sale is set to continue for another two months.

The legion's President David Perry said the project has spurred a lot of interest in the community.

They're hoping to install the monument by the summer of 2013.