Souris doctor quits due to cancelled contract

A Souris doctor is leaving after the province told him he could no longer work on contract.

A Souris doctor is leaving after the province told him he could no longer work on contract.

The move means 1,100 more Islanders will be without a family doctor, with more than 10,000 Islanders in total without one.

David Morgan is one of 26 doctors who were told by the province recently they would either have to start working on a fee-for-service basis or take a salaried position. The province said it's a tax issue. It said doctors like Morgan weren't paying the same as other full-time doctors.

Morgan told CBC News that he agreed to the his long-term contract because, among other reasons, he wanted to be his own boss.

The PEI Medical Society's Dr. Rachel Kassner said the government's rationale isn't legitimate.

"The government suggested that this was due to Revenue Canada that they had to terminate the contracts and ... there's no concrete evidence that this is so," said Kassner.

"We would like them to look at other options, look at other provinces and sit down with physicians discuss with them any concerns that this may that may arise from this."

On Wednesday afternoon, the province said it is considering that. Dr. Richard Wedge said Health PEI is looking at rescinding the letters. And that they will have a decision by end of the week.

"Given the situation that's unfolding, that we probably should be looking at rescinding the letters and then working with the individual physicians on a one-on-one basis with any issues that may have arisen," said Wedge.

For Morgan's part, he said it's too late. He's ready to leave and just wants to move on. Next Friday is his last day of work.

Then he'll pack up his things and move to British Columbia where he'll work with First Nations patients.