Recent roadwork on a busy causeway in the eastern P.E.I. community of Souris failed to address the safety concerns of pedestrians and runners who use the sidewalk.

The Souris bridge has just been repaved, but the sidewalk is crumbling. With rebar poking up from the pavement in some places, runners Ashley and Wendy Poole find they occasionally are forced out into the traffic.


Ashley and Wendy Poole run on the Souris Bridge regularly and are concerned about its safety. (CBC)

"It's a busy causeway, so it's nice that it got paved again," said Ashley Poole.

"But the sidewalks on each side of the bridge need to be done over for sure."

"It's definitely treacherous," said Wendy Poole.

"Depending on what condition the sidewalk is in sometimes you do have to go onto the road, and you have to judge with the traffic what you would do at that point in time, but I definitely try to use the sidewalk first."

The road is the main gateway to the beaches in northeastern P.E.I., and can get very busy in the summer months. It is also the route to reach the ferry for Îles de la Madeleine.

Town officials are pleased the road was repaved, but had hoped the sidewalk would be included, as they work to revitalize the waterfront and boardwalk.

The Department of Transportation says a replacement for the bridge is still years away.

Wendy Poole said work needs to be done sooner than that.  "Somebody will probably injure themselves on the sidewalks if something's not done," she said.

The province inspected the bridge last year, and deemed it safe.