Two national softball championships should bring a tourism boost to P.E.I. over the next two weeks, the minister for tourism says.

The Under-16 girls Canadian championships begin this week in O'Leary and the Under-18 women's Canadian championships take place next week in Charlottetown.

Each tournament brings hundreds of players, coaches and families from across Canada. Tourism Minister Rob Henderson represents the district of O'Leary-Inverness. He said the O'Leary area is buzzing with excitement.

Saskatchewan team staying extra week

"It will have a significant impact. Just look at the number of teams: when you get about twenty teams, you are probably looking at about 300 players and then you take the coaches, and umpires, all their families," Henderson said.

"When you get people who come to Prince Edward Island from all over Canada, who have an opportunity to spend a week or two weeks here, I think they'll leave with a very favourable impression of what Prince Edward Island tourism is all about."

Henderson said the entire Under-16 team from Saskatchewan has decided to stay an extra week to vacation on P.E.I. after their competition.

"One of the issues we're seeing already is that accommodations. I think every accommodation is booked. It is very positive for tourism and a lot of people are taking their vacations as part of this," he said.