Snow removal budget blown by more than $2M

P.E.I.'s snow removal budget is currently $2 million to $2.5 million over target, with this week's storm costing about $300,000 alone.

This week's storm cost the province of P.E.I. $300,000

This year's volume of snow has taken its toll on the province's snow clearing equipment. (CBC)
P.E.I.'s snow removal budget is currently $2 million to $2.5 million over target, with this week's record-setting storm costing about $300,000 alone.

"Just crunching some numbers based on what we have seen here the last couple of days, it will definitely be the highest since I've been here. We haven't encountered a winter like this in a long time. I wouldn't even want to put a range on it," said Darren Chaisson, director of highway maintenance for the province.

"Overtime and fuel, parts — you know, especially with this stuff, it really takes a toll on our equipment because it's so heavy and just having to move this volume of snow."

There is no way to reduce costs when it comes to public safety, said Chaisson.

Even when plows were taken off the road Wednesday night because of poor visibility, the costs continued to mount because there were so many emergency calls, he said.

Sand and salt supplies are still good.

Cleanup from this week's storm will continue through the weekend.


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