All public schools on P.E.I. are shut for the day as a winter storm covered the Island in snow.

Many government offices are closed as well.

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Snow started falling Sunday morning. About 10 more centimetres are expected Monday, but winds will be the big issue. Winds are expected to pick up to 50 km/h gusting to 90 during the morning, making it difficult to keep roads clear.

In western P.E.I. a two-hour lull in snow fall early Monday morning gave snow plow operators a bit of a head start on the storm, but the winds are expected to blow a lot of that snow back on the roads. In eastern P.E.I. dispatchers stay there is still considerable amounts of snow on the secondary roads. Icey rain in the east is expected to make the roads slushy throughout the day.

Snow plow operators are telling drivers they need to take care on the highways.

The Confederation Bridge closed to high-sided vehicles such as transport trucks at 11 a.m. Restrictions will remain until winds ease.