Charlottetown public works is still working to clear away the snow from Wednesday's storm, but many downtown streets will have to wait until Thursday night before further work can be done.

The one-way streets in the city's downtown are too narrow to accommodate a parked car and a plow. If there are cars parked on the street, there can be no plowing until they are moved.

City bylaws prevent overnight parking on the street, but the daytime is a different matter.

"During the day, well, there's not much really you can do, by law," said Chris Dunn, who fields complaints at public works.

"We're hoping that they might take a chance and knock at a door, and they will move it. Hopefully they see the plow coming and they come out and move it."

Dunn added the city does plow many streets at night, when the cars are off the streets.

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