Joshua Biggley

Joshua Biggley has had to climb over some major snowbanks to get on the bus this winter. (CBC)

Some riders on public transit in Charlottetown are complaining about ice and snow blocking paths from bus shelters to the buses.

This year's heavy snowfalls are making it difficult for Charlottetown Transit to keep things clear, leaving passengers to hop over large banks or navigate icy intersections themselves.

"When I climbed the snowbank and waited for the bus, I was actually taller than the bus when it pulled up," said Joshua Biggley, who takes the bus to work every day.

"I kind of had to put my hiking boots on and climb down to enter into the bus. It was a little treacherous."

Biggley said it was not a big problem for him, but it would have been impassable for a senior or someone with a disability. He said he more often meets the bus at intersections now, rather than the bus stop.

Charlottetown Transit owner Mike Cassidy has been out on the street himself this winter with a shovel himself.

Snowed-in bus stop

It has been a struggle to keep all the bus shelters clear, says Charlottetown Transit owner Mike Cassidy. (CBC)

"This is my ninth year with the shovel and worrying about snow and ice," said Cassidy.

"It's been the worst year in nine since we started."

While he is doing his best to keep the bus stops clear, he said the problem has not stopped people taking the bus. The hard winter seems to be encouraging bus riding, with more people in Charlottetown taking the bus than ever before.