An Air Canada Jazz flight from Charlottetown to Toronto in late September had a frightening end when the pilot ordered an emergency evacuation of the plane.

'It's not unheard of, that we have problems in the air conditioning system.' - Don Enns, Transportation Safety Board

From take off to landing there had been nothing unusual about the Air Canada Jazz Sep. 28 flight. But after landing at Pearson Airport, an airline official told CBC News, the cabin of the Bombardier Jet began to fill with smoke.

The Transportation Safety Board says the pilot declared an emergency, and ordered an evacuation.

Passengers were told to exit through the main door, but an airline spokesperson said one passenger used one of the over-the-wing emergency exits. Three of the 57 passengers suffered minor injuries. Transportation Safety Board manager Don Enns said there was one bumped head, and two hurt ankles.

"You do have to say that this is not a normal means of getting off the aircraft, so people will be in a little bit more of a rush and if somebody's going to misstep that's probably the time they're going to do it,” said Enns.

An airline official said airport ambulance attendants checked the injured and cleared them.

An airline investigation found the smoke came from a fan in the air system that stopped spinning. Enns said handling the incident was easier for the crew, because it happened on the ground.

"It's one of those things which is not common, but it's not unheard of, that we have problems in the air conditioning system. And usually this is the correct way of taking care of it,” he said.

No safety recommendations are being made from the incident.

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