Two Prince Edward Islanders have started up a new and different kind of support program for people recovering from addictions.

The Smart Recovery program is an alternative to 12-step programs offered on P.E.I. for those with addictions to alcohol, narcotics or gambling.

Nicole Publicover and Rose Barbour have both taken training in the program. Barbour told CBC News the program gives people tools they can use to avoid certain situations and behaviours.

"There are no age limits, so the group is really for anybody, who has some type of behaviour that's affecting their lives," she said.

"Smart Recovery is a good program on its own for some people, but there's also people who are also some who are doing 12-step programs and want something different and they do both. and that works as well."

The program focuses on the present and the future, not the past. It does not refer to a higher power playing a role in recovery. The group will hold its first meeting next Monday at the Reach Centre on the Mason Road in Stratford.


  • This story previously showed a picture identified as Rose Barbour who was not Rose Barbour.
    Feb 03, 2015 10:15 AM AT