Some candidates for the University of Prince Edward Island student union election will be fined for breaching campaign signage rules.

Three candidates failed to remove several campaign posters by 9 p.m. the night before the election, Feb. 12, which violates the election bylaw.

The cost per infraction is $10 per poster if it is not in an area visible from a polling area, $25 if it is visible from a polling area.

One student had 17 posters up. He would have had to pay about $250, but there's a cap on fines at $100.

"It seemed like this year was a big year. The reason for the fines is to encourage candidates to follow the referendum and bylaw," said Jessie Champion, chief returning officer.

"During the voting we want as little influence on the voters as possible. A hundred dollars is still, to a student, a lot of money to pay for a fine. If a candidate really has a problem with a fine, they'll appeal it."

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are allowed to be up during the election, but candidates cannot be actively posting or they will be fined $25.

All of the fines collected go to the student union.