Dr. Cheryl Cullen, a gold medal award graduate and former member of the faculty at the Atlantic Veterinary College at UPEI performed a special surgery Tuesday on comedian Shaun Majumder's dog.

Majumder flew Jazzy, his six-year-old Boston Terrier, from Los Angeles to Riverview, N.B. to be cared for by Cullen on Tuesday.

The comedian and cast member of This Hour Has 22 Minutes shares his life and travels with Jazzy on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Majumder said he heard about CullenWebb Animal Eye Specialists and the work the clinic was doing for animals eye care through This Hour Has 22 Minutes, and was excited to find a specialist in Atlantic Canada.


Jazzy, a Boston Terrier owned by Shaun Majumder, had her cataracts removed by an AVC trained veterinarian, Dr. Cheryl Cullen. (Shaun Majumder/Twitter)

Majumder said Jazzy began to develop cataracts two years ago. He says he noticed a change in his "super, super active" dog.

"I noticed she was kind of feebly trying to go down these stairs and I thought her paws hurt or something. I didn't think it would be something like this, cataracts where she is so young," he said.

"She's an amazing, fresh young dog and then when your vision goes, she was resilient. It was like, 'oh I can't see now so I'll just sniff everywhere and I'll be all right,' but I can't bear to watch it."

Dr. Cullen, a veterinary ophthalmologist, said Jazzy's cataracts were very thick, and that some breeds of dogs it is not uncommon for cataracts to develop when a dog relatively young.

"Most people perceive it to be an old dog thing but I've done cataract surgery on puppies as young as about five months of age," she said.

For Majumder, it was important to get his dog back to her normal, active self.

"Here's the situation of this young dog banging into things and is not quite the same dog she used to be and so the risk versus the reward is very clear to me."

Dr. Cullen said the surgery went well.

Majumder shared updated about Jazzy's surgery through the day.