Children's sexual behaviours: a parent's guide

The guide outlines what is considered normal sexual development in children. (Government of P.E.I.)

The P.E.I. government has updated its guide to help parents determine healthy sexual behaviour in kids.

The information includes suggestions on how to talk to your kids about sex, and where parents can get help for kids who are preschool to grade four.

Lindy Affleck, a sexual deviance clinician with the Department of Justice, said the guide also flags behaviour parents should be concerned about.

"It's completely natural and healthy for children to be curious about other people's bodies," said Affleck.

"Just because your child is exhibiting a sexual behaviour, that doesn't necessarily mean that your child has been sexually abused. There's certainly different explanations for the ranges of behaviours that are expressed by children that are found in this guide."

The guide is available online.