Mitch Tweel

Charlottetown Coun. Mitch Tweel wants council to fully understand the ramifications of allowing the sex shop to continue operating. (CBC)

The fate of a new sex shop in Charlottetown remains up in the air after city council delayed voting on the matter Monday night.

A vote was scheduled on whether Taboo Company on Euston Street could remain open, but council decided to defer the decision until later.

Coun. Mitch Tweel said it's been a contentious issue for local residents and wants council to have more information before taking the final vote.

"I want every member of council to fully understand the consequences, the ramifications, and what the residents are saying," said Tweel.

"They're concerned about a number of things. They're concerned about what the business conveys, the message that it's conveying, the different types of merchandise that they're selling."

The shop will continue to operate until a further decision is made.

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