The power outage in North Rustico, P.E.I., could cause a back up in the sewer system if people don't stop using so much water, warns the chair of the community council.

'Flushing is not an option at this time.' — Dave Blacquiere

An ice storm has knocked out power over large areas of P.E.I., and North Rustico is one of the longest-suffering communities, with electricity out since Monday. While the water is running in North Rustico, the pumps at the sewage facility are not.

Community chair Dave Blacquiere is now warning if people continue to use water at the rate they are, a lot of homeowners on the community sewer system will have to deal with some very unpleasant consequences.

"Our sewage system cannot get rid of that once it is flushed down into our system and it is going to create a problem where there is going to be an overflow," said Blacquiere.

"We're going to have people with overflow into their basements. So we're very concerned, and we're asking people to not shower at this time and if they are going to use their washroom, flushing is not an option at this time."

Blacquiere suggests people use porta-potties.

Blacquiere, who is also the provincial fire marshal, is warning people about alternative heating, cooking and lighting sources. Blacquiere said space heaters and barbecues give off carbon dioxide and can deplete oxygen in a home.

He recommends barbecues not be used indoors.