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There is less sewage overall going into the harbour, says Charlottetown Coun. Eddie Rice.

Sewage has flowed into Charlottetown Harbour seven times this winter since November, but the city says things are better than they used to be.

Sewage overflows happen when water from storm drains overwhelms the treatment plant. A significant part of the city's sewer system still combines the storm drains with sewage from homes and other buildings.

The city is in the midst of a massive project to complete the separation of the two systems. Eddie Rice, chair of the water utility, said overall there has been less sewage going into the water.

"The overflow into the river has become less and less as we rebuild our system," he said.

"We've had seven cases of it this year and seven cases of it last year, but again the percentage has lowered because, like I say, the system is being rebuilt and we've got two thirds of it already rebuilt."

Separation of the two sewer systems won't be complete until 2015.

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