The Liberal opposition on P.E.I. will be pushing the government to help seniors with the cost of nursing care and to assist students with payingoff their loans.

'We'll use a portion of the income tax … to help pay off those students' loans.' - Robert Ghiz

Liberal Leader Robert Ghiz laid out his party's priorities for the fall session of the legislature at a news conference Tuesday. He put help for seniors in nursing care at the top of his list.

"We're going to be pushing the government basically to separate the room and board costs away from the nursing-care costs," said Ghiz.


Liberal Leader Robert Ghiz doesn't want anyone to forget how the new electoral map was approved. ((CBC))

"Every other province except for Prince Edward Island does this. The other provinces in Canada have moved to a separation of the room and board component of long-term care, which is the responsibility of the individual, and the care and treatment component, which is the responsibility of the provincial jurisdictions."

Ghiz said he wants to make sure seniors are not forced through the nursing home system to pay for their own health care.

Ghiz also presented a plan which would help recent graduates who chose to stay and work on P.E.I. to pay off their student debt.

"Instead of them having to take the money out of their own pocket to help pay off their student loans, we'll use a portion of the income tax that they'll pay to the provincial government to help pay off those students' loans," he said.

The Liberals would also like to see more services available for young people who have addiction problems and are promising not toletthe Progressive Conservatives forget about how they changed theprovincial electoral map.

The fall session of the legislature opens Thursday.