P.E.I. woman's lifelong wish to ride a bike granted at 98

Ola Hamilton checked off one item on her bucket list Saturday. Next up? Maybe a hot air balloon ride.

Next on Ola Hamilton's bucket list — a ride in a hot air balloon

Ola Hamilton, a 98-year-old ride Charlottetown resident, rides a bike for the first time in her life and checks it off her bucket list. 1:09

Charlottetown's Ola Hamilton, 98, checked off one item on her bucket list Saturday.

The senior citizen got the chance to ride a bicycle for the first time in her life.

"Oh, it was great, I got everybody to get out of my way so I wouldn't hit them," said Hamilton. 

The bike ride was a surprise for Hamilton and the other residents of the Mount Continuing Care Community. They thought they were getting together for the nursing home's winter carnival.

Ola Hamilton is assisted by staff from MacQueen's Bike Shop on her first bike ride at the age of 98. (Jessica Doria-Brown/CBC)

Shiny, blue 3-wheeler

Staff at the nursing home, with the help of MacQueen's Bike Shop, brought in a shiny, blue three-wheel bike for Hamilton to have her first ride on.

"I just wanted to yell, 'go Ola go'," said activity co-ordinator Charmaine MacGregor.

"We all have wishes and dreams, and we don't know what tomorrow holds for any of us, just to be able to fulfil that for her."

Ola Hamilton displays the certificate she received from Charlottetown MLA Robert Mitchell. (Jessica Doria-Brown/CBC)

Hamilton was able to ride the bike up and down the hall with the help of the bike shop staff member.

While she didn't get to keep the bike, she got a certificate, some special memories, and a good story to tell.

Now that she has that item checked off on her bucket list, Hamilton is talking about the next one, which is a bit more ambitious.

"I guess a hot air balloon is left to do yet, perhaps jump out of it."

With files from Jessica Doria-Brown


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