Newly-released figures from the Canadian Senate show Prince Edward Island Senator Mike Duffy claimed $5,519 in living expenses for the three-month period ending in February.

That's higher than the amounts he claimed in the previous two quarters.

On Feb. 22 Duffy said he would pay back the money he's been claiming for living expenses, as controversy swirled about whether he was entitled to the payments.

Duffy blamed the Senate for having unclear rules and forms.

A senate audit, announced Dec. 6, is asking senators to prove where they live.

Senators who live more than 100 kilometres outside the national capital region can claim up to $21,000 a year in living expenses to cover their Ottawa-area home.

Duffy and several other senators are facing questions over their residency after media reports pointed out some long-time Ottawa residents seemed to be claiming the living allowance for their Ottawa homes.

The allowances are intended for senators who maintain full-time residences in their home provinces.

The audit is also seeking a legal opinion on whether Duffy qualifies to represent P.E.I. in the senate.