Jim Travers

Lawyer Jim Travers is a board member of the Charlottetown Conservative Association. (CBC)

Prime Minister Stephen Harper talked about the senate scandal at this weekend's federal Tory Convention in Calgary, but it wasn't the main focus of the event, says a P.E.I. delegate.

The party discussed policies that would be the basis for the next federal election, among other issues, said delegate Charlottetown lawyer Jim Travers.

He was one of about 20 Island representatives and politicians at the event.

The party is confident about getting re-elected, even though it's going to take a lot of work, Travers said.

"With the odds backed against the party, we've been able to win three elections and it has not been easy, every step of the way," said Travers.

"So there's never been any sense whatsoever that we can coast and that again was one of the messages that the prime minister was giving on Friday night, that there's a lot of hard work ahead."

Travers said he and the other delegates are ready to move forward and figure out how to get re-elected in 2015.