Herbie and Dot Perry, of St. Edward in western P.E.I., have seen about 20 vehicles go off the road in front of their house, and they say that's too many.

'Hard on the nerves.' — Herbie Perry

The Perrys have lived close to a sharp corner on Route 152 for 43 years. Some years have been worse than others. There have been two accidents in the last three weeks, the most recent on Sunday.

"We're here the other night and I heard a big bang and I told the wife there's another car, must be another car in the ditch," Herbie Perry told CBC News Wednesday.

He said he and his wife have become the first responders whenever an accident happens.

"Sometimes they get fired out of their cars, like this guy there the other night. He was fired out so his face was in the mud like, and I had to keep his face out of the mud so he doesn't smother to death," he said.

"Hard on the nerves." 

Two of the accidents, they said, have resulted in three fatalities. They believe the sharp turn warning sign isn't doing enough.

"Something's got to be done because a lot of people walk on this road," said Dot Perry.

"Seniors, children on bikes, we're just lucky that some of them never got hit."

In addition to wanting the government to make changes to the road, the Perrys are asking drivers to slow down.