Hillsborough River search and rescue

RCMP conducted an air and water search for a man in the Hillsborough River in Charlottetown. (CBC)

RCMP concluded an air and water search for a missing man around midday Monday.

The search began after police received reports that a man went off the Hillsborough Bridge just after 8 a.m. 

The man pulled his vehicle off to the side of the road and jumped into the water, say RCMP.

Six boats were on the water, with crews from RCMP, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, fire departments and the province's fisheries department.

A military search and rescue helicopter from Nova Scotia was also on site.

High, incoming tides and cold, windy conditions hampered search efforts.

Police say they have recovered the body of a 53-year-old man.

Police are not naming the man at this time.