Seacow Head Lighthouse

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Seacow Head Lighthouse. Community celebrations began July 27 in Fernwood, P.E.I. (Stephanie Kelly/CBC)

The Seacow Head Lighthouse in Fernwood, P.E.I., is celebrating its 150th anniversary this weekend, but amidst the festive mood  there is fear the community may lose the historical structure.

The 18-metre high octagonal lighthouse is one of the oldest wood frame towers in the Maritimes.

The federal government wants to shut it down since the lighthouse is not used much anymore.

But a community group has put in a proposal to take over its maintenance.

The celebratory events, which run until Aug. 4,  will also double as an opportunity to raise money for the community.

“We'll be celebrating the legacies left from the different lighthouse keepers that have come and gone,” said Elizabeth Whyte, vice-chair of the Friends of the Seacow Head Lighthouse group.

“The different families will be coming forward with stories of their great grandfathers that have been lighthouse keepers and tell us what things they encountered. We have people coming to do history talks, perhaps stories they and their families have experienced with the lighthouse.”