A P.E.I. woman, now living in Montreal, has launched a new podcast aimed at making science issues easier to understand.

Amanda Reid

The Science Faction podcast is getting attention on community radio stations, says Amanda Reid. (amandajanereid.com)

Andrea Reid and partner Dalal Hanna, both recent graduates of McGill University, interview scientists about current research, and then summarize what they said using the 1,000 most common words in the English language.

“We serve as kind of the science translators for  the show,” said Reid.

“The researchers we speak to, they speak normally, so we hear lots of big words on their end, so you can still come away from the show, with a broader understanding. So you do have some knowledge of astrophysics, there might be some big cosmological words that you can take away from it.”

In addition to webstreaming on the Science Faction site, the podcast is getting radio play on community radio stations.

Science Faction launched at the beginning of January and is planning monthly episodes.