A national group that funds school breakfast programs has changed its criteria, and at least one P.E.I. school that received money last year is not getting any this year.

Breakfast for Learning used to provide money which was given out together with provincial grants through the P.E.I. Healthy Eating Alliance. That money is no longer parceled out through the provincial alliance. Instead each school is asked to apply individually.

East Wiltshire Junior High principal Windsor Wight told CBC News his school's application was rejected.

"There's another seven or eight hundred dollars," said Wight.

"We had to replace that money somehow, you know, looking for some fundraising ideas, or some more support from people in the community. The Town of Cornwall helped us out a little bit."

This is the second year schools had to apply individually for money, and Breakfast for Learning says it also recently developed new criteria for funding, and the schools with the greatest financial need come first.

Wight said his school's program is expecting a grant of $1,000 from the province, but the program needs $5,000 to operate.

Breakfast for Learning says it supported 40 nutrition programs on P.E.I. last year. Grants across the country from the organization totalled $3.43 million.